60th Anniversary

Continental celebrated 60 years of conveyor belt production in Púchov

May 1st, 2015, was the date of 65th anniversary of production start at tyre plant in Púchov, Slovakia, which is part of the Continental Group at present time.

Together we celebrate also 60th anniversary of conveyor belt production in Púchov. The main reason for starting this production was to fulfil market demands in former Czechoslovakia. Today we have a lot of satisfied customers not only from Middle and East Europe but also from such exotic markets as South Africa and Kazakhstan. During this period we have produced more than 37,5 mil m2 of conveyor belts and if we join all this production to one of 900 mm wide belt, its length will be about 1600 km longer than Earth´s perimeter in its equator.

The celebration of this special occasion for Continental in Púchov attracted approximately 12,000 visitors including company employees, their family members, former employees and other guests. Visitors of all ages came to Púchov to see the rubber production facilities which are continuously developing and expanding their production as members of the Continental Group.

The rich programme for this open day included something for everyone: a truck presentation, exhibitions of firemen, their high lifting and construction equipments, etc. Young children enjoyed this day the most and the programme was designed with this in mind. A bouncy castle, balloons, sweets and a variety of competitions were prepared for them and their parents.

An essential part of the programme was tour through production plants of Continental Matador Rubber (PLT tyre production, conveyor belt production, Technology Centre) and Continental Matador Truck Tires (CVT tyre production). Both plants prepared demonstrations of tyre production for visitors and guests who could also see the new production halls and areas that have been added to the plant in recent years.

60th anniversary of production start in Púchov


60th anniversary of production start in Púchov


60th anniversary of production start in Púchov