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Conveyor Belts Quality

Matador has been producing conveyor belts since 1955. Many years experience, modern production technology, high technical level, and Matador conveyor belts quality guarantee their reliability in operation and long service life. Our conveyor belts are produced according to the European and worldwide standards, as well as according to national regulations and specifications. Therefore, our products are used almost everywhere in the world. Our main goal is to produce conveyor belts in such a way as to meet the requirements of our clients as well as possible. In the meantime, we emphasize the lowest possible environmental impact connected with their production and use.

The development of new conveyor belts constructions in our Rubber Research Institute and a close cooperation with the universities dealing with the problematics of conveyors help us to keep pace with the world trends. According to the type of the reinforcement material we tailor fabric and steel cord conveyor belts. The fabric belts have a carcass consisting of rubber coated polyamid (P) or polyester (EP) fabric. They are produced in the belt strength categories from 200 - 3500 N/mm and widths from 400 - 2400 mm. The steel cord conveyor belts have a carcass consisting of steel cords covered by rubbercore which is protected by rubber covers. They are produced in the belt strength categories from 1000 - 5000 N/mm and widths from 600 - 2400 mm.