For General Use

TransBelt conveyor belts for general use to transport loose and lump materials under typical working conditions.

The carcass is to transmit traction forces from energy unit through driving drum to conveyor belt and the transported material. It also provides for high tensile strength and resistance to impact fracture. The carcass is made of two or more textile plies placed in several planes, protected by rubber covers of special rubber compound safeguarding good adhesive properties of the plies.It is formed from polyamid plies (P) placed lengthwise and polyester plies (EP) placed in transverse direction.

Rubber covers protect carcass of the conveyor belt against outdoor climate conditions and mechanical damage. They must be resistant to aggressive effects of transported materials and environment. In addition, they protect the conveyor belt carcass against abrasive effect of rollers and drums.

Use of cover grades in relation to the kind of transported material:
A (X) - conveying of abrasive, angular and great lump-sized materials
AA (W) - conveying of very abrasive, granular and loose materials
B (Y) - conveying of slightly abrasive, angular and small lump-sized materials
AAsp - conveying of very abrasive, granular and loose materials