Cold Resistant

FrostBeltconveyor belts designed to transport bulk and lump materials at very low operating temperatures or to handle frozen materials.

The carcass of the FrostBelt conveyor belts transmits traction forces from energy unit through driving drum to conveyor belt and the transported material. It also provides for high tensile strength and resistance to impact fracture. The carcass can be made of several layers of textile plies, respectively of steel cords rubberized with a special rubber compound safeguarding the adhesive properties and its flexibility at very low temperatures.

Rubber covers protect carcass of the conveyor belt against outdoor climate conditions, and mechanical damage. The covers must be resistant to aggressive action of transported materials and environment. In addition, they protect the conveyor belt carcass against abrasive effect of rollers and drums. FrostBelt is characteristic for its good flexibility and related properties, even at very low temperatures down to -60° C.

Use of the FrostBelt conveyor belts:
R - transport of bulk and lump materials at very low operating temperatures