Penetration Resistant

The SHOCKBELT conveyor belts are produced as the rubber-textile and as the steel-cord conveyor belts with one or more breaker plies. The breaker material is polyamide, polyester, steelcord or aramid. They are more resistant against penetration which can be created by fallen material from unconvenient heights.

The EPP SHOCKBELT consists from carcass which is made from one or two fabric plies. In this fabric is used fibre combination from polyester and polyamide. This construction is characteristic for its good resistant for dynamic fatigue and protects the belts against penetration increase.

Use of cover grades in relation to the kind of transported material:
A (X) - conveying of abrasive, angular and great lump-sized materials
M (X) - conveying of abrasive, angular, heavy and great lump-sized materials